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The First National Conference on Rapeseed Technology Held at NWAFU

Author: Zhao Puqing  Date:2019-05-22     Read:

  From May 19th to 20th, the first National Conference on Rapeseed Technology & National Trade Fair of New Varieties of Winter Rapeseed was held at NWAFU.

  The conference was hosted by the National (Yangling) Trading Center of Dryland Plant Variety Rights, and co-sponsored by Shaanxi Hybrid Rapeseed Research Center, Agronomy College of Northwest A&F University, and Crop Seed Association of Yangling Demonstration Zone.More than 200 representatives from universities including Oil Research Institute of China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Huazhong Agriculture University, Hunan Agricultural University, Henan University, Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences attended the meeting, along with research institutions, plantations, oil extract factories and other organizations of this industry.   

  In addition to academic exchanges on the development of rapeseed industry, signing contracts for rapeseed variety rights and field observation of new varieties of rapeseed were also conducted during the conference. At the meeting, Academician Fu Tingdong, Academician Guan Chunyun and Researcher Li Dianrong respectively made a keynote speech entitled “Development History and Multi-functional Utilization of Oilrape”, “ The Breeding of High-oleic Acid Oilrape and Early-maturing Oilrape”,and “The Status and Development Tendency of Oilrape Industry in Shaanxi Province”. Five experts from the Oil Crops Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Shaanxi Hybrid Rapeseed Research Center, NWAFU Agronomy College and Food Science and Engineering College gave their academic reports. Director Tian Jianzhou, Wang Xinhong(General Manager of Shaanxi Guorui Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.), and Professor Xu Aizhen from the NWAFU Agronomy College jointly signed a license agreement on the Shaanxi NO. 21 rapeseed variety right.

  During their stay, the participants visited the Yangling Pilot (Demonstration) Base of New Crop Varieties, Guancun Village Pilot Base of Shaanxi Hybrid Rapeseed Center, Demonstration Park of Introduced New Crop Varieties of Shaanxi, Lizhanggou Village Rapeseed Pilot Base of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University. They also attended field observations on 134 new rapeseed varieties from 37 domestic rapeseed research institutes and seed industry enterprises.

  In the past 20 years, the rapeseed genetic breeding team of NWAFU has made remarkable achievements inthe research of hybrid breeding for heterosis of rapeseed.

  32 varieties of rapeseed have been approved and registered, including 11 nationally approved (registered), which has made huge contribution to the development of rapeseed industry in Shaanxi Province and that of our country. Among the 32 varieties, “Shaanyou No.8” is the first double-low rapeseed hybrid approved by Huanghuai District, “Baiza No.1” is the first cabbage-type hybrid rapeseed variety approved in China,and “Shaanyou No.28” is the first special varieties of mechanized harvests that have been approvedin China, which have made Shaanxi a leading province in the field of rapeseed breeding.

  Translated by: Zhao Rui

  Proofread by: Yan Xianhui

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