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4111 Candidates for the Postgraduate Entrance Examination of NWAFU Confirmed On-site

Author: Bai Jie&Bu Douhui  Date:2019-11-11     Read:
  From November 4th to 7th, the on-site confirmation of the postgraduate entrance examination of NWAFU was successfully completed. A total of 4111 candidates were finally confirmed, including 2613 NWAFU fresh graduates and 1498 social candidates.
  Chen Yulin,Vice President and Dean of the Graduate Schoolinspected postgraduate entrance examination on-site confirmation work
  NWAFU attaches great importance to the postgraduate enrollment work and makes overall coordination and promotion of the work. In order to do well in on-site confirmation of postgraduate entrance examination, the university assets administration office bids in time to ensure the equipment is in place on time; the employment center actively assists and provides tents for on-site confirmation; the security office cooperates with each other to select and assign special personnel to carry out on-site order maintenance; the graduate school carefully deploys, refines the work process, and sets up 8 groups including consulting group, queuing guidance group and qualification review group, information collection group, error information modification group, material recovery group, special problem handling group and security group, each interlocking, and strengthens the control of key links and the formulation of emergency plans to ensure the safe, orderly and smooth progress of the work.
  Before on-site confirmation, the graduate school conducted special training for relevant staff in each position. In order to reduce the waiting time of students, online reservation is used for the first time in this year's on-site confirmation. The time of on-site confirmation is accurate to each time period, and candidates can apply after arriving at the scene. At the same time, dual channels are used for the first time for on-site confirmation. Both channels simultaneously carry out information collection and recycle “Application Commitment Letter” and “Information Confirmation Form”, so as to provide convenience for students and improve work efficiency.
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  Translated by: Ruan Shuling
  Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong

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