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Great Success of NWAFUers in 2019 Gardening Skills Competition of Ornamental Horticultural for Colleges and Universities

Author: Chen Hongwu & Wang Awen  Date:2019-11-05     Read:

On October 25th, hosted Huazhong Agricultural University, the “2019 Gardening Skills Competition of Ornamental Horticultural for Colleges and Universities” was held in Wuhan. NWAFUers made great success in this event---first prize of Chinese Traditional Flower Arrangement, the first prize of Bouquet of Spiral Frame, the third prize of Garden Plants Discrimination, the second prize of Group Award, and Mz. Lou Qian’s honorary title of Outstanding Instructor. 

It is reported that the competition is an invitational event co-initiated and facilitated by the colleges and universities offering horticulture majors, under the sponsorship of  Sub-Committee of Advisory on Teaching Horticulture Majors under the Ministry of Education. It aims to promote the communication of horticulture majors for the improvement of the schooling level of horticultural majors. It is in 2019 that this event is first launched. The competition consists of three professional skill competitions on pomology, ornamental gardening and olericulture. The first two events was hosted by Huazhong Agricultural University, and the olericulture event was hosted by Hebei Agricultural University.

This ornamental gardening skill competition is not only a part of the horticultural professional skills competition for colleges and universities, but also an independent and important event. There were 63 students from 21colleges and universities, such as National Agricultural University of China, South China Agricultural University, Anhui Agricultural University, joining in the big event. Lead by Mr. Chen Hongwu, NWAFUers took part in three competitions on Garden Plants Discrimination, Chinese Traditional Flower Arrangement, and Bouquet of Spiral Frame.

Translated by: Zhao Rui

Proofread by: Yan Xianhui

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